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Steps to Register your Teams for the Jamboree:  

You must register each team separately.  Whether you're registering ALL your town's teams or just your own, you will be prompted to register the first team, complete all steps below, and then select to register any subsequent teams in the same manor and then checkout.  You will be asked to assign each team to an appropriate age group/division.  There are also supplemental questions including the "Team Roster" which is for the Coach's contact information (NOT THE PLAYERS but, unfortunately, the label is hard-coded in the software). There are other questions needed for us to schedule your games as well.

Step 1: Click on Horizontal Tab "Longmeadow Jamboree."  You will register                EACH team separately.
Step 2: Read and then Scroll to bottom of page and Click on “Register Team”
Step 3: Continue to Register if older than 18 years and Create an Account                   with your e-mail and password.  You will use this password to log into             the site at any later point.
Step 4: Enter Team Name
Step 5: Select Appropriate League
Step 6: Identify Your Role
Step 7: Enter Coaches’ and Administrator's Contact Information for this team             ONLY.  This is critical for us to have so we can email and release                     information about the Jamboree beforehand as well as for us to be                 able to contact on game day.   
Step 8: Complete supplemental information
Step 9: Register ANOTHER team or PAY NOW (via MC, VISA or check mailed               to Treasurer). 

We will update the information as we release it and send emails directly from this system. 

Thanks for joining us!